Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask Review

Your skin is alive. The skin is our bodies largest organ. You skin absorbs toxins and pollutants found in many cosmetics just as it absorbs the natural and plant-based ingredients contained in a pure, organic regimen. The Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan, is 1400 feet below sea level and is the lowest point on the earth's surface. The healing properties of its mineral-rich mud have been revered for centuries.

At Pure & Essential Minerals, they believe skin care products should nourish the skin, the same way that fresh food nourishes the body. Here is what the company has to say about their Dead Sea mud mask.

The Dead Sea mud mask is laden with over 21 essential minerals from the Dead Sea. Each one is highly renowned for its skin healing properties. While the mud mask deeply cleanses the skin, drawing out excess oils, toxins, and impurities for an anti-aging effect, the organic essential oils keep your skin naturally hydrated, adding a softness and glow to your complexion while also stimulating and improving blood circulation. So what are the benefits?

*Dead Sea minerals cleanse and soften your skin, reducing pores
*No harsh chemicals or artificial additives
*No more expensive spa visits for optimum natural skin care
*30+ facial treatments per jar
*100% natural and organic
*Effective relief for skin disorders such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis
*Animal cruelty free

Now, immediately after I applied a medium layer of this mud to my face, I felt an intense burning sensation. I thought, "okay, I'll give it one minute. If this burning doesn't stop I'm taking it off". But it did stop, almost immediately. Not only did it stop but it was quickly replaced by a pleasant cooling sensation. I let the mask stay on for 10 minutes and then wiped it off with circular motions and a washcloth. My skin felt tight, moisturized, and soft after the mask was taken off. The best part is that it continued to have that cooling effect, even after the mask was removed. I always have fun with mud masks and I am certain that if I continue to use this mask once per week I will look like this in no time at all.

You can purchase this mask here on Amazon for $24.77

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