Friday, June 17, 2016

Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer by Moody Zook

It's hot outside. When it's hot outside it is inevitable that my feet get sweaty. When my feet get sweaty they start to get a little stinky. I don't like to be stinky. That's why I was excited to try another charcoal product from Moody Zook. 

The shoe deodorizer plugs are made of all natural activated charcoal. After a long day of work I love to take off my shoes and put my feet up. But before I put my feet up I place these plugs carefully in my shoes. These plugs absorb odor and moisture using natural charcoal. Absorbing moisture prevents stinky bacteria from multiplying and prevents mold and icky fungal growth. Yeah I know, it's gross to think about the icky fungal growth…but it happens. I love that they don't have an odor themselves, they just absorb that muggy smell that comes from sweaty feet. I recommend trying these for yourself. Your feet will thank you! 

You can purchase them here for $9.95.

One more review is on its way from Moody Zook. 

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Valentia ~ Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask

Another beautifully crafted product from Valentia. I have never been disappointed with the products they have sent me to test and review. Today I am reviewing their Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask; it is so luxurious and smell so good (as you know I always love the smell of Valentia products).

The clay mask is a natural kaolin clay and botanical based mask that gently removes excess dirt and oil while deeply cleansing and exfoliating the skin. It smells fruity and delicious and it feels divine. Here are the key ingredients:

~Kaolin Clay - draws out impurities, improves skin tone, and tightens pores
~Plant Stem Cells - decreases the level of pro-aging toxins; soothes, reduces redness, and evens skin tone
~Wakame Bioferment - tackles aging at the source; derived from seaweed, it naturally makes skin youthful
~Vitamin C - protects skin from harmful UV rays to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin tone and texture
~Matrixyl - increases collagen/elasticity 
~CoQ10 - reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen production
~Hibiscus & Cranberry Fibers - firms and reinforces the skin, reducing new wrinkles

I use the mask 1-2 times per week for 15-20 minutes. Removing the mask in circular motions helps slough off dead skin and exfoliate. Your skin will feel so tight and detoxified. I love to follow this mask with the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. Toxins are drawn out by the clay mask and hydration is boosted with the plumping mask.

Purchase the Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotics Review

I know that a healthy body begins in the gut. That is where 80% of your immune system is regulated. To keep the healthy bacteria fighting the bad bacteria is essential to our health, including relief from allergies, gas, and bloating. I'll admit that I don't have the best diet. I try to get my fruits and vegetables, and I supplement with vitamins. It is important to me to keep my digestive system regulated and that is why I am on a quest to find the best probiotic for a healthy gut and a strong immune system.

Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotics is two-part system that includes both a pre and a probiotic. The combination has 600 mg prebiotic scFOS and 7 billion CFU, to  support digestive health and normal inflammatory response. The combination also improves the bodies ability to absorb nutrients, which can improve mood and motivation. One of the pills is a capsule and the other a tablet. I take 1 from each bottle two times daily. I feel good about the combination and it makes me feel like I am taking simple steps for a healthier me. Happy gut, happy life.

You can purchase them here.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.