Friday, August 19, 2016

Bello Vino Wine Decanter Review

Adults use a decanter when they drink their red wine. It is an important step in becoming an adult. Your red wine has to BREATHE. You have to let the tannins release to enhance the flavor and the smell. Bello Vino gave me the opportunity to test their beautiful red wine decanter and I am not an adult. I love the simple, sleek design of this decanter. The wide base allows the tannins to soften which creates a smoother, richer taste and texture that you will love. The base also creates a sturdy foundation so I don't have to worry about spilling red wine everywhere. I may be an adult, but I will always be clumsy. The spout is also spill-proof and makes it easy to pour. Thank you Bello Vino for creating this wine decanter for the clumsy adults out there. And a shout out to anyone that has been scared to drink red wine for fear of stains.

One more thing I love…dishwasher safe. Yes!

You can purchase one on Amazon.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New York Biology Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

We all have cellulite. Let's just be honest about it. We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies and pretend that we don't have it. But! If you want to reduce the amount of cellulite you have, for me its thighs and but, there are things you can do. I have recently become a fan of dry brushing…I'm trying it at least (it also reduces dead skin cells!). I also recently started using this anti-cellulite massage oil from New York Biology.

First the ingredients:

~Grape Seed Oil - has astringent qualities; it is regenerating, moisturizing, and tightening for the skin
~Eucalyptus - targets fat deposits just under the skin; also soothes painful cellulite sensations
~Lemon - stimulates circulatory system and improves microcirculation, relieving pressure on veins
~Grapefruit - diuretic and lymph tonic

Have you ever heard that if you know how to pronounce the ingredients it is quality ingredients? These are super oils and you can feel them instantly when you massage it into your (cellulite prone) skin. I am so impressed by the ingredients list and love that I can really smell the Eucalyptus. It makes me feel like my pores are opening up and absorbing goodness. It is important to put the oil on after a bath or shower when your pores are open. This is the only way for it to fully absorb. You can use it on dry skin but it will only sit on the surface of the skin instead of penetrating it. It is great to use on problem areas but also makes a great oil for regular massage. You will love the combination of oils. 

You can purchase this large bottle of oil on Amazon for only $14.95.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sagano Natural Home Odor Eliminator

I love my dog. I love her a lot and tell her that often. The thing is, sometimes she stinks. I bathe her regularly (to her dismay), I give her peppermint in her water, but still…she smells like a dog. Sagano has a natural home odor eliminator made from 100% bamboo activated charcoal. The bag of charcoal is an air freshener and odor eliminator. It works by absorbing odors to freshen your home and to make them safer and cleaner. I love that it works without the use of harmful chemicals, and it does not cause an overpowering freshener smell in my apartment. It works simply and absorbs odors from by beloved pet and the smell of cooking (I use garlic and onion often). But it is not only an odor absorber, it also removes mold, toxins, and allergens from the air. This makes me feel good about my apartment and I don't even have to do anything. The air should be fresher and safer with this natural air freshener. Make you house not smell like a pet!
You can purchase one for yourself on Amazon.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.