Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Leather Nova

Leather Nova is a company that was born by people that love their precious leather goods, and could not find a quality cleaning product they were happy with. They have a team of passionate people who believe in pushing boundaries and challenging conventions to create the ultimate product line for their customers. The team draws its motivation from "Working every single day as the first day and believe that we're just getting started". The Leather Nova team tested batch after batch of formulas until they found the formulas they were happy with. They use only natural and non-toxic ingredients to make their product environmentally friendly. I also love that their products are manufactured in small batches to ensure quality.

Leather Nova is suitable for all types of leather except Suede and Nubuck. It can be used on a wide variety of products such as:

*Car Interior
*Sporting & Equestrian Goods
*Exotic Leathers (such as snakeskin)

The Leather Nova Leather Cleaner gently cleans vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces while preventing discoloration and dullness of leather. It works by deeply penetrating leather pores to remove dirt, grime, and oil. Its pH balanced formula maintains the integrity of the leather by preventing discoloration without stripping the essential oils that prolong the luster and shine of the leather. Leather Nova Leather Cleaner comes with its own yellow cleansing cloth and it is a great way to prepare the leather for conditioning.

Leather Nova Leather Conditioner provides safe and durable protection for leather and vinyl surfaces by using high-grade polymers that restore the sheen of leather. Monthly use is recommended as it will maintain and restore the natural suppleness of the leather while also restoring the rich leather fragrance that we all love so much. Leather Nova leaves a non greasy surface unlike other leather conditioners. This product also comes with its own sponge that allows for easy application. Leather Nova notes that use of the conditioner may darken some leathers (especially light colored ones), so it is recommended that you test on a small area first.

The 2-in-1 Leather Nova Conditioner & Cleaner will save you time and energy! This is a great product for when you want to quickly clean and restore your leather. It provides a deep and effective cleaning of leather and vinyl surfaces. While removing dirt and stains, it also conditions and adds vital nutrients to the leather to make it soft and supple. Regular use of these products give your leather everything it needs: Cleaning, Restoration, and Protection. Keep your leather looking and smelling like leather!

I have used these products on my leather boots, bags, and leather car interior. I love the way it deep cleans the leather and it truly does restore the luster and shine. Someone even asked if I got new boots, after I used the Leather Cleaner. The products are ultra easy to apply and I love that they each come with their own cleaning sponge or towel. Who knew it could be so easy to keep your leather products in tip-top shape. I am excited to use this on new leather to keep prevent damage, especially on boots that tend to lose their luster and even crack after long term use. This is a quality, affordable product that is so worth the minimal effort it takes to use. You can learn more and purchase your own leather cleaners and conditioners by visiting Leather Nova.

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