Friday, March 13, 2015

Instanatural ~ Scar Gel & Stretch Mark Cream

By now we all know that I love Instanatural, their products, their philosophy, and their customer service. They use an excellent assortment of ingredients and they also have great packaging for their products. Most recently, I have tested Instantural's Scar Gel as well as their Stretch Mark & Scar Cream. The Scar Gel comes in a sleek black bottle with a pump dispenser. On the inside is the gel that contains a potent blend of ingredients designed to help diminish the appearance of scars, old and new, by softening the texture and color of scars. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a naturally occurring protein, stimulates the healing process. Here are the other wonderful ingredients:

~Gotu Kola helps restore healthy skin
~Gree Tea, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin, and Sea Kelp strengthen damaged skin with antioxidants

As the scars are reduced the skin is moisturized giving a healthier, more uniform appearance. Instanatural says this Scar Gel is great for surgical scars, acne scars, burns, or other dark spots. The gel is brownish tan in color and has a unique scent. Unique is not a bad thing…I like the smell, it is slightly sweet almost like molasses. The scent does fade quickly, once absorbed so if you are not a fan of the scent do not shy away from trying this product. I recommend using it twice a day to really get the benefits of the ingredients. I have been using Instanatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream on top of the gel, after it is fully absorbed. 

The Stretch Mark & Scar Cream comes in 4 oz. tub that will last quite awhile. The oil-based cream is very light and airy and has a subtle floral scent. It is also extremely moisturizing, which is great for scar reduction and skin texture. It is also supposed to be great for preventing new stretch marks from forming. The major ingredients in the cream are:

~Cocoa Butter
~Rosehip Oil
~Mango Butter
~Vitamin C
~Grapeseed Oil
~Evening Primrose Oil

Powerful antioxidants are delivered to the skin to restore the skin. After the gel has absorbed into the skin. I rub this cream in a circular motion until it too has fully absorbed. It is my new one-two punch that I apply twice a day, for best results. I will continue to update with results in actual scar reduction, but I do love these products.

To learn more about these products and the company visit Instanatural or Amazon.

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