Saturday, March 7, 2015

Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil Review & Giveaway

I take my fish oil very seriously. I have been including a fish oil supplement in my dietary routine for several years. Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Advantage Fish Oil soft gels definitely have some great advantages.

Let us start with the benefits of taking a Fish Oil Supplement. What can it do for you?

~Improves Heart Health
~Balances Cholesterol Levels
~Prevents Hypertension
~Facilitates in Building and Maintaining Bones
~Maintains Healthy Brain Function
~Helps Prevent Nerve Damage
~Prevents Mood Disorders
~Helps Balance Hormones
~Aids in Growth, Repair, and Development of Muscle and Tissue

Omega-3 Fatty Acids have been proven to be effective in treating and preventing inflammation within the body, which is at the root of most chronic health problems. Most people in the developed world are deficient in Omega-3s because of poor diet. We have plenty of Omega-6s (found in packaged, processed foods) and Omega-9s (found in olive oil) but the lack of Omega-3s creates an imbalance in our fatty acids that is destructive. This is why it is important to supplement our diet with Omega-3 soft gels. Balancing our fatty acids creates a healthy fat ratio for increased health benefits.

So obviously I love my fish oil. But here are the benefits specific to Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil:

~Highly concentrated & pure, pharmaceutical grade (above 75% Omega-3) EPA/DHA levels
~Fish Oil concentrate made from IFOS 5-star certified fish oils (raw material)
~Contains the minimum recommended 1000mg of Omega-3s per serving
~Sourced from wild Alaskan caught Pollock
~Molecularly distilled, clean refined and tested results show the lowest peroxide and p-anisdine levels on the market
~Easy to swallow soft gelatin capsules
~Enteric coated for max absorption and no fish burps
~USA manufactured and laboratory tested in FDA, GMP, NSF certified facilities

As this picture shows, Life & Food Omega-3s are smaller than comparable Fish Oil supplements, yet they have more Omega-3s.  There is no fishy aftertaste and they are small and easy to swallow. These are a great option for an extra dose of Omega-3s, trust me you need it. Comment below for the opportunity to win your own bottle of Omega-3s.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I would not recommend a product that I did not test and approve.

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