Saturday, March 14, 2015

Perfectly Natural Soap

It says it right on the front of the bottle but I do believe this may be "the perfect soap". It contains only exquisite hand-picked botanical ingredients that are 100% natural and 98% organic. The list of ingredients impressed me even before I tried it:

*Purified Water
*Saponified Coconut Oil
*Organic Sunflower
*Organic Castor Seed
*Rosemary Seed Extract

Have you ever heard of the oil cleansing method? Have you tried it? If you have, you probably know it is best to fight oil with oil. I have been curious about it for quite awhile but have yet to take the leap. This soap gave me a chance to get my toes wet. The soap is oil based and it cleanses beautifully. I love the way the oil feels while I am cleansing, it is very different from our typical soaps. Just a tiny bit goes a long way and feels silky, creamy, and smooth on your skin. It doesn't lather the way soaps with added lathering agents do but it has a nice subtle lather that feels great. By using Foxbrim Perfectly Natural Soap you can can rest easy knowing that your soap is absolutely free of detergents, fillers, fragrances, lathering agents, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. This soap is more than I expected a soap to be; I surprised myself by how much I love this soap

Simple. Natural. Perfect.

Click the link to visit Foxbrim and learn more.

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. 

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