Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TerraMax Pro Hip & Joint Supplement

I have been giving my Coco a glucosamine supplement for the last 4 years or so. When she turned 8 years old I noticed a major change in her mobility and her ability to walk upstairs. It broke my heart but I was quickly relieved to learn that glucosamine was a simple solution to help ease her joint pain. TerraMax Pro Hip & Joint Supplement is a liquid glucosamine for dogs with chondroitin MSM and hyaluronic acid. I love the simplicity of this product and the results are just as good as the pills that I used to have to force down Coco's throat. The liquid form also provides maximum absorption. 

This product comes in a large 32 oz. bottle. I put a few teaspoons of the liquid on Coco's food and she gobbles it right up. It is thicker than water, but not as syrupy as the previous bottle that I sampled. I would compare it to a simple syrup. It is 100% safe and natural and it is recommended by veterinarians.  So what exactly does it claim to do for your four-legged friend?

~ Helps reduce joint pain
~ Helps prevent stress inures
~ Promotes healthy joints & cartilage
~ Natural pain inhibitor & anti-inflammatory
~ Promotes skin & wound healing
~ Benefits eyes, skin, nails, bones, & muscles
~ Improves overall health & wellbeing 

If you have watched your dog suffer with aging or arthritis you know how helpless it makes you feel as a dog parent. It is such a relief to know that a simple addition to their food can help ease some of that pain. Coco still has bad days and struggles with stairs at times, but overall I have noticed major improvements. She still acts like a puppy and can move like one too.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review

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