Monday, August 3, 2015

OxyRub Pain Relief Review

Did you know that pain is the single most common reason that people seek medical care? And there are very few things that actually work to fight the pain. Anyone who gets regular aches and pains knows how difficult it can be to find something that works to find relief. OxyRub is a topical cream that works in minutes to:

~dissolve arthritis pain
~relieve tense muscles
~cool and soothe bursitis pain
~take the throbs out of bumps, sprains, and bruises
~and even more

OxyRub has 1.25% menthol. This is a powerful ingredient used to relieve pain but it also has an extremely powerful smell. The menthol is combined with an essential-oxygen oil for fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief. I love the smell and sensation of menthol. It is a bit tingly and feels cool on the skin. Think any kind of Vapo-Rub. It  is strong but definitely does the job.

At this point you might be asking yourself, "but what is oxygenated essential oil?" Western doctors historically did not use oils because they did not know how to properly prepare the oil. To truly harness its natural healing powers the oil has to be exposed to sun and open air for 20 years. Who has the time for that?? Well, a professor in the 1960s learned how to replicate the process in only 3 days (thank goodness). Dr. Pergolizzi (who developed OxyRub) utilizes the therapeutic features of vegetable oil via oxygenation and sun exposure.

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