Friday, June 26, 2015

OZ Naturals ~ Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant

I am always looking for new, natural skin products that work and OZ Naturals has not disappointed me yet! Their Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant is an entirely new product to me. I exfoliate on a semi-regular basis (meaning whenever I remember that I should be doing it regularly) so I was excited to try this product and get back into an exfoliating routine. The first thing I always look at is the ingredient list, of course. What I am putting on my skin I am putting into my body and I am always looking for natural ingredients. So obviously I was happy to see the extremely short list of ingredients including: 

~Organic Rice Powder
~Green Tea Powder
~ Lactic Acid

The product comes in a metal container and is filled with a powdery substance with a texture that can only be described as a mix between salt and sand. It has a very mild scent that is fresh smelling, but also difficult to describe. By mixing the powder with a small amount of water, you create a paste. Then you apply it to your skin, very gently. You do not want to scrub too hard because it can be harsh, but that's how you get rid of the dead skin cells and renew you skin. If you exfoliate regularly, you have nothing to worry about. If you are a newbie, you will want to be extra gentle. After scrubbing, you will want to leave the paste on your skin for a few minutes to allow the lactic acid to penetrate your skin. My skin felt extremely smooth and refreshed after using this product. I follow it with a serum (of course) and moisturizer. It should only be used 2-3 times per week and you will notice a difference.

The only thing I do not love about this product is the cap that may or not be made of aluminum. It is not a terrible cap…and it looks fine (like a salt shaker). But it is somewhat difficult to open and close and does not feel secure on the bottle. The powder also leaks out of the cap a lot. Regardless, this does not change the quality of the product. And I would definitely recommend this product. 

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