Monday, January 12, 2015

Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder

I discovered Matcha green tea powder about a year ago and started adding it to my smoothies.  One day I was feeling particularly adventurous and made a latte.  It was good, but really not that adventurous.  When BrandBacker and Kiss Me Organics sent me a bag of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder to test and review I also got a recipe guide for Matcha from  I was overwhelmed by the 50+ recipes that can be made using the Matcha.  It isn't just for smoothies and lattes after all.  You can use Matcha to make all kinds of different beverages and cocktails, you can bake desserts with it, make breads and dips, pizzas, even entrée dishes like soups and meats.  I could not believe I had been missing out on all the possibilities.  So I started to experiment.  The recipe guide has plenty of refreshing cocktails and I have not had a chance to try them all, but I really enjoyed the Iced Ginger Matcha Cocktail that is made with ginger, lime, honey, and of course Matcha.  I also made a Matcha Mini Cake with Coconut Sugar, pictured here.  Mmmm green cake!  I love the flavor that the Matcha gives these recipes, but also the health benefits.
So what is Matcha?  It is a kind of green tea that has not been fermented and is ground to a very fine powered.  Matcha has been consumed in Japan for almost 1000 years and was traditionally reserved for royalty and religious or spiritual leaders.  It is like a super green tea as it has up to 137x the EGCG as regular brewed green tea.  This is because Matcha powder uses the entire tea leaf, greatly improving the nutritional benefits.  EGCG is a strong antioxidant that can generate new brain cells by focusing on the part of the brain that deals with memory, both short and long term.  It has also proven effective in fighting many forms of cancer, HIV, and heart disease.  Matcha powder also improves your energy level throughout the day and helps you focus.  It acts as both a stimulant and a relaxant, giving you a steady level of energy for the day.  You want more benefits?  How about a calorie burning booster?  Matcha green tea can increase thermogenesis, the bodies normal rate of burning calories, from 8-10% of energy expenditure to 35-43%.  Matcha also has anti-aging properties that can prevent age-related disease, and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.  All of this in a fine powder.  Oh, and did I mention it is USDA Organic and is harvested at a family-run tea farm that has been in operation since 1915.  I love that!
So here is what I do.  I typically add 1 teaspoon to my smoothies in the morning.  Now I am experimenting with adding it to my cooking and baking routine.  Next I will try the Matcha Fried Chicken!  I am excited about all of the benefits this tea provides and the unique flavor that it is bringing to my kitchen.

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