Thursday, January 8, 2015

hyperbiotics PRO-Immune

It is officially winter.  Currently the temperature is 8 degrees F and the snow is falling.  By this time of year I usually have a lingering cold that will not allow me to fully function, at work or play.  I have always blamed my weak immune system on my job.  As a social worker, I spend a lot of my time in a home setting where illness breeds and gives me an unwelcome and stubborn cold for approximately 4 months out of the year.  Not fun.

BrandBacker and Hyperbiotics gave me the opportunity to try a bottle of hyperbiotics PRO-Immune Advanced Immune Formula to sample and review.  It is a difficult thing to measure, as we cannot see our immune system but I can honestly give you the following information.
I have not had a single sniffle since taking hyperbiotics PRO-Immune.  That is my evidence.  Not only because I am typically feeling sick mid-December, but also because a nasty cold and flu has been spreading all around me.  I always know I will catch it sooner or later, but this one seems to have skipped me altogether.  I can't complaining about that!

Hyperbiotics PRO-Immune is a unique combination of Probiotics, Time-Released Vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc, and 500 mg. of EpiCor.  Never heard of EpiCor?  I hadn't either.  EpiCor is a superfood that has 3 times more antioxidant power than any fruit that you have tried.  It has been clinically tested and has shown that it strengthens your immune system and works as an anti-inflammatory.  Check out the cute little chart for more about EpiCor.  The Probiotics help to strengthen your immune system through your gut, where the bulk of your immune system is shaped.  PRO-Immune has 4 billion CFU, making it 15 times more effective than your average Probiotic.
Sounds pretty good, right?

So, PRO-Immune tablets bring good bacteria to your gut, fight off colds, and they also shorten the duration of your cold.  The other thing I really like about Hyperbiotics products overall is that they are all natural: no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colors.  That is how you treat your body well.
If you want to try hyperbiotics PRO-Immune click here to find them on Amazon or here to go straight to their website.  If you purchase them on Amazon this week you can get 1 bottle free when you buy 1 bottle.  Use code R2HZUFLF  at checkout.
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