Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pass Me the Fair Trade!

I have always been a fan of Fair Trade products and what the Fair Trade movement does for the world. As a BzzAgent I was sent free samples of Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee to sample and review, and was also asked to spread the word to increase awareness of Fair Trade here it goes!

Fair Trade is a nonprofit organization that helps people in developing countries work the free market to their advantage.  By purchasing Fair Trade products you are improving day-to-day lives just by purchasing products that you use on a daily basis.  Fair Trade allows farmers and other workers to receive a fair price for their harvest or other products.  The community is then able to use the funds and determine where those funds can best be used.  The goal is to create sustainable business that will help empower individuals and communities, and will transform global problems that affect the earth and the people.  Globally, Fair Trade certifies coffee, tea, herbs, cocoa, fresh fruit and vegetable, sugar, beans, grains, flowers, nuts, oils, butters, honey, spices, wine, apparel, and other products.  Wow!  Quite a list, right?  The movement also impacts 1.2 million farming families in 70 developing countries across Africa, Asian, and Latin America.

I love Fair Trade and everything it stands for.  My heart breaks when I hear about dangerous, unfair working conditions in developing countries.  Everyone should spread the word about Fair Trade products as they offer fair working conditions, fair prices and credit, direct trade, and even community development.  Green Mountain Coffee is promoting Fair Trade with Grace Potter and Michael Franti.  Check out the videos and live stream concerts of Grace Potter in Colombia, and Michael Franti in Sumatra on the Green Mountain Coffee Facebook page.

You should also check out these other Fair Trade Products that I found:
I could keep going but I'll stop for now!

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