Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sagano Raw Activated Charcoal Powder Review

Why should you use charcoal in your daily routine?

~Whitens teeth & removes stains
~Freshens breath
~Removes toxins
~Healthy for skin & body

Who knew?! You might know that it is even used to treat alcohol poisoning or to alleviate hangovers. I have yet to use it for all of these purposes but I have started to incorporate it into my own daily routine. Activated charcoal is like a little miracle hidden in a fine, dusty, black powder. Since I was given a bag of charcoal to test and review I have been brushing my teeth with it daily. Sounds weird but it is great for teeth whitening and for healthy gums. I use a VERY little bit on top of my toothpaste. If you use too much your teeth will look black and you will have to rebrush (several times) to make it go away. I learned this the hard way. I have also used it as a facial mask. I am loving this stuff. It is a natural absorbent that binds with impurities to wash them away. This includes facial impurities, but also coffee, tea, and soda stains on the teeth. 

It is a very fine powder so you have to use it with caution. It comes in not one, not two, but three ziploc bags to prevent it from exploding everywhere. I am excited to continue finding new ways to use this charcoal powder, but so far it is a great addition to my routine. I can't wait to try the charcoal lemonade that I keep seeing everywhere.

What ways have you used activated charcoal? If you haven't tried it yet you can purchase is on Amazon for $19.95.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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