Monday, February 15, 2016

DALLAS-10 Lace Up Zipper Boot Review

I love my boots!

This hiking-inspired boot is comfortable and affordable. Would it be good for hiking? I don't know! Why is it called "hiking-inspired"? It does look like a hiking boot. But it looks like a hiking boot that you could wear every day. I haven't climbed any mountains in them, but they are comfortable so far. And for someone that has long days, this is important. They are lace-up boots but they have a zipper on the side, easy to get on and off. The worst part about ordering these boots? Picking out a color. I decided on the blue and black because I love that color combination. It's a little different but, to me, it is the best color combination. I just might have to purchase the other colors eventually. They also come in all black and camel. I love them all. My one criticism is that next time I will order half a size down. They feel a little big, even with thick socks on. But overall I absolutely love these boots!

You can purchase them here at a great price.

*I received these boots at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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