Saturday, October 10, 2015

Valentina Paris Wine Glasses

I wish that you could see these wine glasses in all their glory. The picture do not do them justice. Yes the pictures are beautiful and you can see the artistic quality of their design. But they are so much prettier in person. Each glass is artistically unique and the glass is mouth-blown and hand painted in Paris. Oui Paris! How fancy am I, with my French wine glasses?

These glasses are specially designed to let the wine breathe so you can swirl the wine and smell the aroma, just like the French do it. They are designed to balance smell, taste, and appearance, making your wine drinking experience elegant.

Another surprise for me was the actual quality of the glass. The glasses are much larger than you would expect and the glass is super thick and heavy. When you purchase wine glasses online, it is a hit-or-miss with quality. I was pleasantly surprised with these. I could not believe they were so high quality at such a reasonable price. While the glass is very thick, the stem is long and narrow making it comfortable to hold throughout the night. Trés belle!

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review

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