Monday, November 25, 2013

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Cozy Cushions

I have tried Dr. Scholl's products before and generally I really like them.  I was particularly excited to see the Cozy Cushions in my latest Voxbox from Influenster because it is getting colder every day (I can't believe it is almost December!).  We now officially have snow on the ground which means, more often than not, I leave the house in my winter boots.  My Uggs keep my feet pretty warm, but subzero temps still creep in and numb my little toes.  I love the fuzzy cushion on these inserts.  They are an added bonus to keep my feet dry, warm, and comfortable in winter months.  

These inserts are so easy to use and they can be transferred from boot, to shoe, to boot as often as you like.  I usually keep them in my winter or rain boots but occasionally I will put them in my fashion boots for work.  The cushion really does provide comfort and they work perfectly in any kind of shoe.  Save $2 using this link and enjoy dry, warm feet all winter long.  And don't forget to join Influenster for your chance to test products for free in exchange for a simple review.

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