Monday, June 17, 2013

Palmolive® soft touch™

Influenster is one of my favorites!  While I do not get picked very often for a VoxBox or to test products, it is very exciting when I do get picked.  Recently I got picked for not one, but TWO Influenster tasks.  The first of these is the Palmolive Soft Touch dish soap.  As usual I must say that I received these products for free from for testing and reviewing purposes, the reviews are my own opinion.  I am not being paid to give good reviews.  The products are free in exchange for an honest review.  So here it goes...

 As a person who does not own a dishwasher, and is forced to wash dishes by hand, I am excited and grateful to get a full-size bottle of Palmolive Soft Touch for free.  But...once again, I did not get just one bottle, but two full-size bottles!  One for me and one for a friend.  So which of my friends, and my many readers, wants to win a bottle of delicious smelling Coconut Butter Palmolive dish soap?  I decided to keep the Vitamin E for myself...though this was not an easy decision.  I very much want to try the Coconut Butter.  I suppose I can use one of my coupons to test it out.  So, Palmolive advertises that it is "Tough on grease, Soft on Hands".  Is it true?

After extensive testing I can say that it is.  My manicure stayed put, and my hands remained soft even after several loads of dishes.  Palmolive truly is soft where it should be and tough where it needs to be.  I am very pleased with the results and the subtle scent is really pleasant.  I love the smell!  If you don't believe me click here to read more reviews.  Palmolive Soft Touch can be purchased at your local Walmart.  So go buy it!!!

More reviews will follow for products in the Spring VoxBox.

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